Cherie's work as Author, Mom of 6, Holistic Psychologist, International Speaker, Podcast Host, Emotional Release Specialist, and Leadership Development Trainer has guided thousands of women worldwide to find healing and transformation. 

22 Day Depression Cleanse

  • 5 Minute Daily Neurosensory Method - a powerfully simple modality to release toxic thoughts & activate your body's self-healing mechanisms
  • Emotional Emergency Kit, built step-by-simple-step
  • Depression Detox to reboot biochemistry & release toxic wight

Emotional Wholeness Masterclass 

  • Super-fast, powerful Emotional Healing Processes that shift your generational patterning & DNA expression
  • Guided video lessons of the 7 Steps of Emotional Transformation 
  • "Eating for Energy & Beauty" Guide & Meal Plans
  • Sensory Soul Work, Meditations, Emotional Aromatherapy, Breathwork, a "Creation Station," a Weekly Creation Planner...and many more beautiful, high-vibration methods to keep you motivated!

 Course Bundle - Two for the Price of One -

 April 22-30 only!